Clinical science

Clinical science has a big share in IMMEDIAB’s research activity. Clinical Science overarches all working groups at IMMEDIAB. Represented by medical doctors (M.D.) who have both a clinical care activity and are involved in research projects supporting work at all levels in the IMMEDIAB LAB. Our clinical scientists work in two diabetology departments in Paris’ largest hospitals (affiliated to the Public Hospitals of Paris- APHP), both leading University Hospitals: Bichat-Claude-Bernard and Lariboisière. Together, these departments represent the most important clinical care units dedicated to diabetes care in France. Most importantly, our clinicians do not only treat and study diabetes, but also investigate all its associated co-morbidities and complications. Our University Centre for Diabetes and its Complications brings all necessary clinical specialists to the patient with diabetes, providing integrated and specialized care on-site.

The tight relationship between clinical partners and research teams allows a strong translational aspect at IMMEDIAB LAB and the efficient return from bench-to-bedside, testing back hypotheses driven by preclinical modelling and vice versa.

Consolidated and on-going clinical studies include: D.E.S.I.R., DIABHYCAR, AgioSafe-T2D, SFDT1, GLUCOGEN, EpiTherapy, BariaGen, GLUTADIAB.