CRC is committed to the fight against COVID-19


CRC teams are actively involved in research projects on COVID-19. These projects focus on the immune mechanisms involved, the specific impact on certain organs (the kidney), possible treatments in healthy or diabetic subjects, public health aspects (prevention, representations, medical practices and associated risks), and data modeling at the international level.

Most of the projects have been started as of 2019. They are financed by their own funds and/or by ANR Flash grants. They are almost all conducted in collaboration with hospital, APHP or national teams, and involve for some international collaborations.

See all the publications on Covid 19 from the Cordeliers Research Center.

Teams and projects :

Project : I-DriveCOV : Detailed dynamic analysis of the immune landscape to guide therapy and refine the prognostic assessment of COVID19 patients.

Project: LYSOSOMOTROP: Lysosomotropic agents for the treatment of COVID-19: azithromycin, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine

Project: COVIMUNE: Study of immune crosstalk in COVID-19

Project 1: COMPRI: COvid-19: Measures of Prevention and Representations of Infection and Risk in the General Population

Project 2: CHRONO-COV: Experiences, representations and practices of chronically ill people and health professionals during the COVID-19 crisis

Project 3: PRIO-TRI: Choices and priorities in health services during the pandemic

  • 5- Team Nicolas VENTECLEF

Project: ANGIOSAFE COVID-19: Clinical study to characterize the effects of antidiabetic drugs on the regulation of immunity and angiogenesis in diabetic patients. See the project

Project 2: CoviDIAB: Personalized online support program for diabetic patients during the COVID-19 epidemic. See the project

Project 3: Coronado: Study of the predictive factors of severe forms of diabetes in diabetic patients.
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Project 1: i2b2 COVID international network: Common data model and production of open data (aggregated) in an international network of hospitals

Project 2: French COVID pediatric cohort: characteristics of Covid 19 infection in children

Project K-Covid: Study of the effects of COVID-19 on renal functions (ionic balance, physiological constants).

BuCOVID project: Single-center study evaluating the risk of mucocutaneous contamination of caregivers during odontological care of COVID patients

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