LabCluster Tour Special Single Cell – May 17, 2022 – 9am to 12pm


A half-day thematic tour on the latest advances in Single Cell analysis technologies will be held at CRC on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Registration is free but mandatory

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9H30 to 10H15 am

Nanostring: Single-Cell in situ approach with the CosMx® Spatial Molecular Imager
The CosMx is the first high-plex instrument capable of operating on formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) or Fresh Frozen (FF) samples with resolution is at the single-cell and sub-cellular level.
It is now possible to visualize up to 1000 RNA transcripts and 100 proteins.
This flexible single-cell imaging solution allows further identification of cell types, phenotyping of tissues, study of cell interactions and discovery of new biomarkers.

10:15 to 11:00 am

Mission Bio: Harness the power of Single Cell Multi-omics analysis to advance precision medicine
Join Mission Bio for a presentation highlighting key benefits of Mission Bio’s Single Cell Tapestri technology that simultaneously measures single-nucleotide variation (SNV), copy number variation (CNV), and protein data from the same cells. Our multi-omics platform links genotype and phenotype in every cell, dissecting tumor architecture with unprecedented resolution. We will share examples from the field of cell and gene therapy as well as hematological malignancy research.
Topics to be discussed:

  • Capabilities of the Tapestri platform for SNV, CNV and protein sequencing.
  • Overview of the Tapestri platform workflow
  • Tapestri platform applications in oncology and cell and gene therapy

11:15am to12:00pm

10X Genomics: Understanding Biology from a New Perspective with 10x Genomics Single Cell Solutions

The complexity of biology requires approaches that build a complete picture of individual cells in tissues and beyond. Single cell analysis is now a powerful technique for characterizing complex tissues, identifying rare cell populations, and discovering gene regulation.
In this seminar you will discover how 10X genomics’ Chromium Single cell solutions can help you push the boundaries of your current research.
You will learn how to study the differences between individual cells, the innate and adaptive immune system, and how to detect new subtypes and biomarkers to map the epigenetic landscape on a cell-by-cell basis.
We will introduce you to how to solve the complexity of biological systems while focusing on the most important details. Come explore real-world biology with us.