The Akoya Vectra Polaris high throughput slide scanner is ready to use at CRC


Accessible on the CHIC platform (Histology, Imaging and Cytometry Center) of the CRC, the device was acquired thanks to the financing of the Ile-de-France Region and the co-financing of the SiRIC CARPEM, the Labex Immuno-oncology, the CRC and several of its teams.

   Thanks to its multi-spectral technology, this device can scan whole slides marked by multiplexed immunofluorescence (up to 6 biomarkers), at a magnification of 20x, without interference from autofluorescence. It is also capable of imaging regions of interest on multiplexed immunofluorescence labeled samples with 7 to 8 biomarkers.

The acquisition of this instrument is fully integrated in the spatial biology program developed by the CHIC, which already includes a Leica BOND RX high-throughput labelling machine that allows multiplexed immunofluorescence labelling. This equipment is completed by Visiopharm, Akoya InForm and Phenoptr software allowing the quantification of biomarkers, the phenotyping of cells using machine learning methods and their spatial analysis.

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The CHIC platform is open to the whole scientific community.

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