CHIC staff organizes 1-2 sessions a year: cell imaging, flow cytometry and image analysis. The objectives of those sessions are to provide users with no or very little knowledge of these techniques, the necessary tools and concepts to plan a basic experiment.

Trainings  are organized twice a year, in March and November.


Trainings are organized for the following equipment on a per-need basis. Training may require several sessions depending on the complexity of your experiments, and reservation rights will be granted once the training has been validated.

NOTE: users are not authorized to train their colleagues.

  • Confocal microscope Zeiss LSM710
  • Fluorescence microscope Zeiss Axiovert 200M
  • Slide scanner Zeiss Axio Scan Z1
  • Spectral microscope Perkin Elmer Mantra
  • ELISPOT CTL Immunospot
  • Laser microdissector Leica AS LMD
  • Cryostat Leica CM3050 S
  • Microtome Leica RM2145
  • Paraffin embedding workstation Leica ASP300 and HistoCore Arcadia
  • Autostainer DAKO AS48Link
  • Autostainer Ventana Discovery XT
  • Autostainer Leica Bond RX
  • Immunoassay multi-analytes Luminex Flexmap 3D  
  • Flow cytometer BD LSR2 
  • Flow cytometer BD Fortessa X20
  • Automated magnetic cell separator Miltenyi Biotec Automacs Pro*

* For the AutoMACS Pro, training is provided by Miltenyi Biotec. However, training will be validated with us.