Genomic instability and stem cell attrition as a preleukemia condition

Jean Soulier (Institut de Recherche Saint-Louis, Paris)

Évènement le 11/04/2024

Mechanisms of melanoma initiation and dissemination: leveraging the power of zebrafish genetics

Julien Ablain (CRCL, Lyon).

Évènement le 04/04/2024

Chemical Control of Cell Plasticity

Raphaël Rodriguez (Institut Curie)

Évènement le 28/03/2024

LabCluster on Proteomics

Présentations par Nanostring, Leica Biosystems, Olink Proteomics, and Lunaphore.

Évènement le 19/03/2024

Metabolomics in Cancer Research

Alessandro Busetti (Metabolon)

Évènement le 14/03/2024

Boolean model personalization at the single-cell level to investigate colorectal cancer (CRC) response to Cell cycle checkpoint inhibitor

Saran Pankaew (Barillot Lab, Institut Curie)

Évènement le 21/02/2024

Advanced single cell sequencing technology for your research

Thibault Chauffert-Yvart (Singleron Biotechnologies)

Évènement le 12/02/2024

Novel Preventative Strategies for metabolic diseases – Personalized Medicine in times of Big data

Carolin Victoria Schneider (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Évènement le 08/02/2024

Heterogeneity of pancreatic cancer-associated fibroblasts: clinical impact and interactions in the tumor microenvironment

Cindy Neuzillet (Institut Curie, Paris)

Évènement le 01/02/2024

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