CRC teams

Bacterial structures involved in modulation of antibiotic resistance
Michel Arthur

Physiopathology of ocular diseases: therapeutic innovations

Francine Behar-Cohen

Molecular Oral Pathophysiology

Ariane Berdal

Oncogenic functions of B-catenin signaling in the liver

Sabine Colnot

Renal physiology and tubulopathies

Gilles Crambert

Inflammation, Complement and Cancer
Isabelle Cremer

Genomic Instability, Metabolism, Immunity and Liver Tumorigenesis
Chantal Desdouets

Metabolic Diseases, Diabetes and co-morbidities
Fabienne Foufelle

Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology
Jérôme Galon

Metabolism, Cancer and Immunity

Guido Kroemer

Immunopathology and therapeutic immuno-intervention.
Sébastien Lacroix-Desmazes

Personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics, therapeutic optimization 
Pierre Laurent-Puig

Ethics, research, translation

Marie-France Mamzer

Drug resistance in hematological malignancies
Santos A. Susin

Health data- and model- driven Knowledge Acquisition (HeKA)
Sarah Zohar

Functional Genomics of Solid Tumors
Jessica Zucman-Rossi