Core facilities


Centre d’Exploration Fonctionnel (CEF)

Genotyping and biochemical center (CGB)

L2 & L3 Laboratories

Core Facilities Scientific Director: Dr. Maria-Chiara MAIURI

CRC core facilities have been progressively established since 2007 to provide several key value propositions for researchers and their institution: 1) high level scientific instruments and expertise; 2) supporting inter-disciplinary collaborations; 3) maximizing the institutional investment by sharing capacity.

Core facilities are under the leadership of Scientist Director, Dr. Maria Chiara Maiuri, PhD. An engineer is in charge of each platform’s operational management, and is assisted by dedicated and specialized staff members. Centrally located in the CRC, the platforms are opened to external collaborations.

Fees are calculated according to Sorbonne University guidelines and take into account instrument operation, annual maintenance, waste management costs.

Quality management:

CRC core facilities have been engaged in a quality management process since 2013, and the CHIC, CEF and CGB are now certified
iso 9001 :v2015.

Our focus is to respond and anticipate the needs of our users while balancing budgets and satisfying legal requirements.

The CRC core facilities are members of the Labtoo network of experts.