CRiCri, CRC’s “positive sharing” mascot


As 2023 draws to a close, CRiCri (or simply Cricri) begins his journey through the CRC laboratories.

But who is Cricri? Cricri is CRC’s mascot bear for “positive sharing”, a concept that comes to us straight from Denmark, and arrived at CRC on the initiative of Marie-Noëlle Navas, our Prevention Officer.

According to its inventor, the object of positive sharing, our Cricri, highlights all the positive actions that people in a company carry out for each other.

In practice, Cricri is passed on from one colleague to another each week, as a thank-you for a positive action carried out by one for the other, whatever that action may be: help, support, explanation, service rendered… or just communicative good humor… there’s no shortage of positive actions.

Jean-Emmanuel Hugonnet, Professor at Sorbonne University and researcher in the laboratory of Michel Arthur, is Cricri’s first host.

At CRC, Cricri began its journey with Jean-Emmanuel Hugonnet, University Professor in Michel Arthur’s team, who has been a great help to his colleagues during recent work at CRC. In a week’s time, he’ll have to choose whom he’d like to thank and pass Cricri on to him. We’ll be following our mascot’s journey, complete with photos.

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