L3 Laboratory

The biosafety lab L3 is a CRC core facility. This laboratory is designed for the contained experimentation of biologic agents classified in group 3 (according to French regulation of the 16th July 2007) and of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be contained in level 3 lab (European directive 2009/41/CE).

L3 is equipped with 3 workstations:

  • One is dedicated to the experimentation of bacteria
  • One is for the virus experimentation
  • One is for the experimentation of GMOs, particularly those derived from viral vectors

In addition to mandatory equipment (safey hoods, protection equipment’s, …), the L3 provides access to centrifuges, CO₂ incubators, fluorescence microscope.

Staff in charge: Maxime LECERF

Full Access via intranet

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