Lubka Roumenina, recipient of the SVAR Complement Excellence Award 2022


Lubka Roumenina, head of the group “Complement in Physiology and Pathology” from the “Inflammation, Complement and Cancer” team at the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers has received the SVAR Complement Excellence Award 2022.

This award recognizes her major achievements and contributions to advance knowledge on the complement system : how does it work and how it could be used and/or targeted in innovative therapies.

The team has shown the major role of the complement in pathologies affecting the kidney, and has demonstrated that intracellular complement proteins promote tumor growth. Researchers now further investigate the action of complement proteins in these pathologies.

 The Svar Complement Excellence Award, created in 2022, will be handed out annually by the Svar company to support persons working on projects within the complement field.