Ethics, research, translation: ETRES

Director : 

Marie-France Mamzer


The current landscapes of medical and research practices tend to overlap through complex translational processes that favor innovation implementation into clinical practices. Translational research in medicine is an evolving field that combines disciplines and expertise with the aim of promoting the transfer of knowledge and discoveries from basic science to healthcare. The efficiency of the approach lies on the effectiveness of a bidirectional process that begins with the identification of clinical needs and ends with the development of new tools to be brought back into the healthcare pathway. These emerging practices erase the traditional and artificial boundaries among basic, clinical research, and other applied research to let place to a continuum that gives rise to a multidirectional spectrum of more or less direct interactions. Numerous new ethical issues are arising from these new practices that overwhelm the old ethical codes for protection of human subject, encompass the field of scientific integrity and transparency, and may interfere with national legal and regulatory existing frameworks.
The team is attached to the doctoral school ED 262 and provides master and doctoral level education in ethics applied to the field of health.
The team project focuses on the translational practices and processes in the field of health and proposes a “translational ethics” research program, through two traditionally distinguishable approaches: biomedical research, and medical care.

Scientific Themes

Translational Research

Translational ethics research program dedicated to translational research practices.

Care Practices

Translational ethics research program dedicated to medical care practices in “extremes situations” such as end of life context and medical care of victims of attacks.

Main publications

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23andme : a new two-sided data-banking market model. Stoeklé HC, Mamzer MF, Vogt G, Hervé C. BMC Medical Ethics 2016 ; 17 :19 link

Eligibility for organ donation following end-of-life decisions: a study performed in 43 French intensive care units. Lesieur O, Leloup M, Gonzalez F, Mamzer MF; EPILAT Study Group.  Intensive Care Med. 2014 Sep;40(9):1323-31 link

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