Immunopathology and therapeutic immuno-intervention

Director : 

Sébastien Lacroix-Desmazes

Deputy Director : 

Jagadeesh Bayry

Our research focuses on immunoglobulin G (IgG) and pro-coagulant factor VIII (FVIII), derived from human plasma, which are used for therapeutic purposes. We Investigate their interactions with the immune system (i.e., their capacity to regulate or to be the target of immune responses), and with molecules in the microenvironment (co-factors, molecules of the complement system).


We are particularly interested in the putative consequences of these interactions on their structure, function and immunogenicity. Our aim is to translate our basic findings to the clinic, by developing new therapeutic molecules, or altering the existing protein therapeutics to reduce their immunogenicity.

Scientific Themes

Regulatory functions of normal IgG and regulatory cells in physiopathology

We investigate the role of IgG and regulatory T cells in immune homeostasis, immunotherapy of inflammatory diseases and vaccine response.

Cofactor-binding antibodies

Investigation of the physicochemical mechanisms of antibodies specificity and polyspecificity. Molecular mechanisms and biological consequences of the interaction of antibodies with low molecular weight cofactor molecules.

Immunogenicity of protein therapeutics

We investigate why some drug generate an immune response and we elaborate strategies to avoid or prevent it.

Main publications

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