Immunotherapy and Cancer

Tumors cells are embedded in a complex and heterogeneous immune and stromal microenvironnement that controls tumor invasion and govern response to immunotherapy. The goal of the cancer immunotherapy team is to find predictive biomarkers of response to immune check point blockade and to decipher mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy. These questions are addressed in urological cancers in national multicentric trials (BIONIKK: a phase 2 biomarker driven trial in clear cell renal cell cancer,  NEMIO, a neoadjuvant trial in muscle-invasive urothelial carcinoma), in soft tissue sarcoma by using large retrospective cohorts of clinically annotated patients (2500 tumors with 12 histotypes, Reseau Hospitalo-Universitaire CONDOR) and international cooperative projects. The tumor, immune and stromal heterogeneity and their interactions are deciphered integrating bioinformatics tools,  spatial biology by transcriptomic and multiplex immunofluorescence approaches, bulk RNAseq and non invasive approaches in blood samples.

Our current main questions are :

1-to investigate the role of Tertiary Lymphoid Structures, B cells and antibodies in the immunotherapy response 

2-to unveil tumor-immune and stromal interactions that limit response to immunotherapy

Permanent members

  • Wolf Herman Fridman (PU-PH émérite)
  • Catherine Sautès-Fridman (PU émérite)
  • Cheng-Ming Sun (CR INSERM)
  • Yann Vano (PH APHP).